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Continuing Education for Mental Health and Yoga Professionals

Regina Trailweaver, 200-E RYT and LICSW, is approved by the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation to provide up to 40 CEUs for health professionals.  Her school, Lotus Yoga, is registered with and approved by the Yoga Alliance to provide CEUs for yoga professionals. In this intimate, supportive, and engaging experience, hours can be obtained through class attendance, workshops that are offered at least once a month, or through on line on demand programs.  Thus, trainees can individualize the scheduling of their program.

Rigorous, flexible, challenging and fun, learning with Regina is not just educational.  You will also have an opportunity for deep personal development.  Infused by Regina's 25 years of clinical social work and yoga studies with a focus on emotional balance, you will engage with the ethical practices and psychological liberation found in the science and wisdom of the ancient yet eternally radical yogic traditions.  Classes, workshops, retreats, and on line learning are appropriate for those already in the healing professions, such as mental and physical health professionals, as well as those simply interested in the healing power of yoga.


"Regina Trailweaver is a consummate professional with extensive knowledge and skills in the practice of yoga.  Her (programs are) intensive, extensive, carefully organized, well-taught and inspiring.  Regina deals equally with all 8 limbs of yoga, not just the asanas, and requires excellence of her students.  Her program mandates dedication from instructor and students alike.  Regina generously gives of her time and creative energies, as she inspires her students to grow in training as well as confidence.  ...(her programs are) challenging yet productive and satisfying, even life-altering."  (Excerpt from review by YTT graduate Linda Freeman.)


  See                                           for more information about on line on demand learning programs that provide continuing


education for mental health professionals.


Please                               for more information on registering for continuing education for mental health professional through classes, workshops, retreats, or on line learning.  

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